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Spit Roast Catering

Meat and Spuds & Roast Meat Rolls
( instead of full Spit Roast )

Meat & Spuds Only

Choose from our Spit Roast Meat plus Hot Spuds. (Can be cooked on site or dropped off)

Can also include staff to Serve.

 30  Adults @$12 per guest.

Over 100 adults,  free Dinner Plates, cutlery  Or Dinner Rolls.

Children @$8.90

Staff to serve extra $40 per hour per staff. ( Larger numbers require more than one staff.)

You add your own salads and dessert.

Roast Rolls

Choose one meat from our spit roast menu, served with Hot Dog Rolls Plus Coleslaw, Gravy and Sauces and Napkins.  If you require plates they will an extra cost.

We can cook fresh on site or drop off for you to serve yourself or for the extra cost our staff can serve.

 Over 30  Adults @ $14 per guest.

Staff to Serve extra $40 per hour per Staff. (Larger number will require more than one staff.)

Check out our Spit Roast Menu options
or Feast Extenders...

Savouries Platters

A selection of Hot and Cold Platters... We can tailor your selection to suit your needs.

Hot savouries would include, Spicey Meat Balls, Chicken Bites, Frittatas, Zucchini slice plus dipping sauces.

Cold  savouries would be a selection of Sliders with mixed fillings.

Feast Extenders Pricing

  • Cheese Platters @ $52.50 per platter for 15 or $3.50 per guest
  • Antipasto Platters @67.50 per platter for 15 or $4.5 per guest
  • Fruit Platters @ $30 per platter for 15 or $2.00 per guest
  • Nibbles Platters @ $3.5 per guest.
  •  Hot/Cold Savoury Platters @ $6.50 per guest
  • Soup @ $5.50 per guest

Minimum 30 guests. All prices include G.S.T.Ordered List

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Light Luunch / Supper Menu

Hot Savouries

Party Pies, Sausage Rolls, Frittata, Zucchini bites, Spicy Meatballs and Mini Chicken bites.  Served with sauces (Barbecue, Soy, Tomato).


Range of fresh cut sandwiches with mixed fillings

Includes Plates, Napkins, Sauces, Tea Coffee Sugar and Milk.  Staff will prepare and set up supper buffet table. Cakes and Slices are also available.

There's nothing like a hot pie or a fresh Sandwich.
There's nothing like a hot pie or a fresh Sandwich.

Light Lunch / Supper Menu Prices

  • Supper above 30 @ $16.00 per guest
  • Children  4yrs - 12 yrs @ $12.00
  • Cakes and slices @ $4.00 per guest

Minimum 30 guests with a minimum of $500

All prices include G.S.T.

Barbecue Menu


Steak, Hamburgers and Sausages.


Fresh Salads (Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, Coleslaw, cheese).

Also includes Bread, Sauces, plates, napkins.  Staff will cook barbecue on site and set out as buffet.

Barbecue Menu Prices

  • Barbeque @ $13.90 per guest over 50 Guests.
  • 31 - 50 Guests @ $16.50 per guest
  • Children 4yrs - 12 yrs $9.90
  • 30 minimum @$500
  • other options available apon request.
  • Dessert can be supplied extra $2.00 per guest.

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Please email us or call Head Office 5334 6582 or Mobile 0415 847 042 with your specific requirements for an obligation free quotation.

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